About Sugar Rush Bakery

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Our Mission

To give women opportunities to develop their skills, build self-confidence and find personal empowerment with a company focused on delivering an exceptional product.

Our Vision

Sugar Rush Bakery, LLC, will help eliminate a significant social issue by providing quality jobs for women who have been or are currently incarcerated. We will partner with agencies who have successful mentorship programs in place and compliment those programs with professional development built into our work days. Our employees will be enveloped in a wholesome environment, guided by positive women, with the ultimate goal being individual sustainability.

Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate for women in the United States, and nearly 85% of the women have children. This statistic has an enormous, negative impact on our state.

It is our belief that Oklahoma prisons are over-crowded and the foster systems are over-burdened. In order to help break this cycle of poverty, drug use and abuse, we believe underlying issues need to be addressed, and that this process beings by providing a positive influence in a wholesome environment built around respect and love for others.

Executive Summary

Sugar Rush Bakery, LLC, is a new company that was formed in early 2015. Founder Angela Ellis, a native of Oklahoma, has always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, and in particular making sweet treats. Since childhood, she has spent many hours assisting her grandmother with homemade pies and cakes on their farm in Southwest Oklahoma and now bakes regularly for her own family of four beautiful children.

In October 2012, Angela became aware of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition and the problems facing women and incarceration.

“It is our responsibility to use our talents to better the community around us.”

Community Involvement & Organizations We Support

Angela has been a community volunteer and advocate for women in many areas including Lawton/Fort Sill, and now in Tulsa. Some of the organizations that she has worked with and continues to support are listed below. She continues to look for additional organizations in which she can contribute and support in the Tulsa area.

  • Family and Children's Services Women in Recovery - This is an organization that “…promotes and supports the well being and self sufficiency of women and their families challenged by the criminal justice system.” Learn more by clicking here.
  • Resonance and Women in Recovery - Angela supports this organization, which is designed to "help troubled women change...for good." They work with women in the criminal justice system through outpatient substance abuse counseling, case management and mentoring services. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Oklahoma Women's Coalition - Angela supports this "statewide network of individuals working together to improve the lives of women and girls through education and advocacy." The organization actively works to make Oklahoma a state known for great opportunities for women to succeed. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Lawton Business Women's Organization - Angela was a former Vice President of this organization. This organization works to elevate standards and promote interests of business and professional women while bringing a "spirit of cooperation" among women in the US. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women - Angela was a former Vice-Chairman for this organization. Their tagline is 'Moving Women Forward' and they serve women in the Lawton/Ft. Sill and Comanche County area. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Juliette Low Society - Angela served on the Juliette Low Society, to help raise funds for the first annual Evening with Juliette Low Gala, which supports the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma. Learn more by clicking here.